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I'm interested in a specific artist - how do I proceed?
I'm interested in a specific artist - how do I proceed?

Send a request to the artist to get in touch with the artist

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At Gigital you get a unique opportunity to talk directly with the artist/band/DJ you are interested in. In this way, you get quick answers and ensure that no information is lost.

How to contact an artist

  • Register or log in โ†’ Registration is free of charge

  • Visit the artist profile

  • Click on Send request and follow the steps โ†’ The request is not binding and is completely free to do

  • Once you have sent a request, you'll have a chat with the artist โ†’ See your chats in Bookings

  • In the chat, you can discuss all the details of the gig and make changes to the price, set time, date, etc. until both parties agree

  • When you agree, you confirm the booking and sign the agreement directly in the chat

Find a equivalent artist

If the artist is not available or if you want to see which other artists you can book, you can try posting a gig. More info can be found in the article Get offers from artists and DJs

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