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Guide to applying to and getting more gigs
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How to apply

  1. Log in to your Gigital account

  2. Go to Gigs

  3. Click on Read more about the gig you are interested in

  4. Read the bookers description carefully and see whether the gig is something for you

  5. Follow the instructing in the Gig to apply. You can only apply with an approved artist profile.

  6. In your application, enter your artist profile, a description of your offer for this gig and a price proposal.

  7. The booker goes through all the applications and sends a request to the artist that suits the customer's criterias the most

Tips for applications to Gigs

Your artist profile and experience
Apply only to gigs that best match your artist profile and past experience. E.g. it's pretty unlikely you'll be booked to a gig that calls for a solo artist when your artist profile says you're an awesome DJ.

On point proposals
Explain why your performance would elevate the entire event. E.g. If the booker wants someone who can raise the mood, please explain how you can do it. The booker appreciates if you specify a proposal / concept as much possible in order to make his or her decision.

The gigs has set a budget that the booker wants / can go over. If you usually charge more for a similar gig, try to find a concept that matches the specified budget.

Good luck! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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