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Get offers from artists and DJs

Post a gig to find the right artist for your event

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Why create a Gig?

  • Present your event and your requests to hundreds of artists

  • Set your conditions and receive applications from available and interested artists

  • Go through applications (offers) when it suits you

  • Get in direct contact with the artist(s) by sending a request through your gig

  • The request is not binding but gives you an opportunity to agree on the details with the artist/artists

  • It is up to you whether you choose to proceed with any of the applications

  • You only pay if you book someone β†’ Artist's fee + 15% fee

This is how you create a gig

  • Register or log in β†’ Registration is free of charge

  • Click on Gigs in the menu or on your Dashboard

  • Click Post gig and follow all steps

πŸ”Ž You can select multiple dates when creating your gig

This is how you handle your applications

  • You see all applications directly in your gig

  • Click on the artist's picture to see the full application

  • Select the artist(s) you want to proceed with

  • Send request to get in touch with the artist(s)

  • Talk directly to the artist via your chat, which you can find in your Bookings

How to change your gig

Main settings

  • Here you can change the address, gig name, gig description and available equipment

  • If the event is canceled or something changes and you no longer want to receive applications, you need to close the gig. You can always reopen it if necessary.

Date-specific settings

  • Change the date, set time, price and what you are looking for by clicking the ✏️ icon

  • To duplicate the date or delete the date, use the icons on the left

πŸ”Ž Artist applications are based on the conditions at the time of the application. This means that if you change the conditions (e.g. price, set time, etc.), the already received applications will remain the same and will be based on old conditions.

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