Gigital is constantly working to ensure that the artists on our platform get more gigs with less hassle. Read more here about your opportunities on Gigital. 

1. Request 📨

In the booking request sent to your artist profile you find all of the necessary information to accept or deny the request. 

2. Your response rate is important 👋

The faster you answer the customer, the more likely it is for you to get booked. Keep in mind that some of our customers send  the same request to several artists.

3. Communicate via chat 📬

Gigital is built so that you as an artist can be booked in a safe and easy way. All booking details need to be updated in the chat in order for your booking to be legit.

It is not allowed to take the booking outside of the platform. If you encounter technical problems in the chat or on the website you need to contact Gigital so that we can assist you in your booking.

4. The booking is confirmed 🔥


5. Feedback ✅

We collect customer feedback on your performance. That feedback will soon be visible on your artist profile.

6. Paid max 30 days after the gig 💰

When you use Gigital you get paid after the gig. For that you need to send an invoice directly to Gigital. Read more about payment here.

7. Grow with every gig ⭐️

The more bookings, the more your artist profile will be pushed on the platform. This is done in several ways.

  • Artists with the most activity are given increased visibility

  • Customer feedback makes you more attractive to new customers

  • With every gig Gigital is getting better, which opens up for more people booking via Gigital

  • Gigital's artist supply is dynamic, which means that artists who violate the terms of use or do not have enough on-site activity will be removed

Good luck!

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