Terms of your booking
The terms are set by you and the booker
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What you and the booker have decided in your communication on the website is what applies to your gig.

Booking request

The booker chooses which artist to send a booking request to. A booking request is not binding for neither of you. Booking request provides you the details so that you can discuss a potential arrangement.

In the booking request you will also find a price proposal that the booker has specified. If the price doesn't suit you, you can propose another price in the information section. When you come to an agreement. you can sign the contact.

Both you and the booker can cancel the booking request at any time until you have confirmed.


We currently have a standard cancellation policy.


Each gig through Gigital affects how many gigs you will receive in the future. You have a responsibility to make the customer feel happy.


You will be paid by Gigital within 30 days after you've sent us your invoice. You bill the price stated in your booking (your gage minus Gigital's fee of 15%). You can bill with or without VAT. More information about payments can be found here.

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