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How do I get paid?
How do I get paid?
Gigital pays you after the gig
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After the gig, Gigital handles the payment. You get paid 30 days after the gig.

Automatic payments via GigaPay 💰

Gigital uses GigaPay for payouts. GigaPay supports both payments to private persons (4% in fee) and firms (free of charge).

Registration of your payment is made by Gigital. You need to send your full name and phone number to You do this the first time you get paid through GigaPay. Your information is automatically saved for future payments.

Payment to artists outside of Sweden 🧾

Private persons and companies that are not registered in Sweden send an invoice to according to the information below.

Strålgatan 2
112 63 Stockholm

Swedish Organization number: 559112-1461

Payment term: 30 days

Mark invoice with: SMP + (city where you performed)

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