You pay to Gigital after a completed gig

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Gigital handles all deposits and withdrawals.

The amount you must pay is based on the information in your booking:

  • Gage to the artist*

  • Rental of equipment* - optional additional service

  • Travel allowance - optional additional service

*Gigital's fee is applied to the gig and the rental of equipment, not to the travel allowance.

Your billing information

On your first booking, you will be asked to enter your billing details. You can do that directly in the chat/booking.

You can also add and update your billing information under Settings.

Correct price details after the gig

After a completed gig, you have 24 hours to notify Gigital if the price needs to be corrected (eg if you and the artists agreed on something on the spot or if the gig was cancelled). If nothing is specified, an invoice will be sent automatically.

The payment for everything related to your booking is handled by Gigital. VAT of 25% is applied to all invoices..

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