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I already have a booking agency
I already have a booking agency
You need to review your agreement with the booking agency
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To join Gigital you need to review the agreement with your booking agency.

If you have an exclusive agreement, you will break it if you join Gigital.

If you have an exclusive agreement that only concerns open gigs ie gigs with ticket sales (eg nightclubs, festivals) you can still join Gigital. You need to let us know that you can only accept bookings for closed gigs (corporate parties, shows without entrance fees etc) where there is no ticket sales.

If you have an oral agreement with your booking company, it is important that you ensure in advance that you can book your own gigs.

In many cases, your manager and / or yourself can book certain types of gigs without your booking agecy being involved.

We are happy to help you review your agreement. 

If you're unsure about your agreement, please contact us at

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