How to book an artist

Artist booking in five steps

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1. Sending a booking request

  • If you post  a gig

If you want to book one of the artists who have applied for your gig, go into your gig. Then click Submit Request next to the artist name.

  • If you're sending a request from an artist profile

When you find an artist you are interested in, click Submit Request on the artist's profile. You will be asked to fill in information about your event, which will then be sent to the artist.

You are not required to fulfill your booking. Your request is a request until you have signed the agreement.

2. Discussing the details

In the chat you can see the information you have entered. Here you can discuss the arrangement, pricing, song list etc. You can change the details of your original request until you both feel satisfied.

3. Agreement

Once you and the artist have agreed, both of you can confirm the booking in the chat. The latest changes apply. Please, make sure the information stated is correct. 

4. Feedback

After the gig you have 24h to let us know if the artist didn't show up. All cancellations and no shows are handled individually.

5. Billing

Billing details can be found here: ??? 

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