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Can Gigital guarantee more gigs?
Can Gigital guarantee more gigs?
Our recourses for more gigs
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We cannot guarantee that you will get more bookings throug Gigital. But we have created several channels to give as many of our artists as possible more chances to be booked.

1. Artist profile

Artist profiles have been designed in a way that makes it easier to get to know you as an artist. The content you post affects whether a customer chooses you.

2. Direct sales

We are constantly working to get more customers to Gigital. Currently, our customers are in the event and the hospitality industry. 

3. Gigs

Gigs on Gigital allow the artist to apply to gigs that the artist is comfortable with.

4. Artist lists

On the start page you will find editorial lists where we present artists that we promote for a limited period of time or for specific types of events. These lists are intended to show the breadth of Gigital's platform and get more customers to find specific artists.

5. Newsletter and landing pages

In our newsletters that is targeting the music / event industries and our customers, we present artists that fit into the topic of the newsletter. We also present the artists on special landing pages to different target groups. This is done both through mailing and advertising.

6. Social media

On our Instagram, we post pictures and videos of our artists, gigs they've played at and much more. If you release new music or want to share something else about your music career in our channels, feel free to get in touch. 

7. Industry presence

Gigital is frequently present in various industry contexts, both online and offline, thus creating exposure for the artists associated with us.

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