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Why isn't my profile approved?
Why isn't my profile approved?
Criterias to be on Gigital
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There may be more reasons why your artist profile has not yet been approved. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Artist profile does not have enough content

  • The content that is posted is of poor quality

  • The content on the artist profile violates our Terms of Use

  • The artist is geographically located where Gigital has no presence

  • The artist does not have enough musical breadth to be relevant to our customers

  • Demand for the artist's music is limited and the conditions for getting gigs thorugh Gigital are poor

Many people are looking for Gigital. We continuously review all artist profiles created. Currently, we prioritize artists that we know are relevant to our customers. The more we grow, the more artists can be a part of Gigital. Our ambition is to offer a spot to as many artists as possibly 

Good luck! 🔥

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